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What is a celebrant?

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I often hear this question when I introduce myself, a gentle smile followed by question mark eyebrows, and then a tentative, erm …what does that mean …?

So let me explain.

I write bespoke, personal ceremonies for weddings*, vow renewals, baby naming and family blending ceremonies. I am also training in funeral ceremonies.

Ceremonies that are not an ‘insert-name-here’ affair, but are written about the individuals and families themselves. Bespoke personal, funny, heartfelt services that will make you laugh and cry, maybe both at the same time.

I then officiate these ceremonies, you gather in a venue of your choice, and we celebrate the fabulous-ness of you, with friends, family and all those who love you.

I can blend a mix of cultures, religious beliefs, films, songs, whatever, into the ceremony. My ceremonies are not restrained by the rules of religious settings to include religion, or by registry ceremonies to include no mention of religion. If your Nan would love to say a prayer, then let’s do it! If you’d like to use a scene from your favourite film, yay, let’s do it!

I hope this explains what a celebrant is and helps you understand your options in a celebrant world.

Any questions, please ask and I will try to answer them.


*The boring paperwork side of marriage needs to be completed in the registry office, before you wedding ceremony. The ceremony I officiate is not a legally binding ceremony but a joyful celebration after the paperwork is done.

Tel: (+44) 07737785377

Email shelley@sjwcelebrant.co.uk

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