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Unity Ceremonies - Sand Blending

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Sand blending ceremonies are a popular way to add an additional and personal untiy ceremony into a wedding, baby naming or family blending ceremony.

The most popular variation is to have different colours of sand, which may be reflective of the ceremony colours, or simply the favourite colours of those involved; along with another empy container such as a vase, a jar or a box frame.

As part of the ceremony the couple, or family, take it in turns to pour their colours of sand into the container. The ceremony will explain the importance of the two colours and how they are blended into one vessel, although they are still distinctly seperate colours, but it would be impossible to seperate them.

This then becomes a lovely keepsake for the couple, or family, as a reminder of the vows, promises and pledges made on their special day.

For more images please pop over to my Sand Blending Ceremony Pinterest board, or my Unity Ceremony board for more ideas.

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